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    Pebblevale Ltd
    Pebblevale Ceramic Machinary  
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    A selection of testimonials from Pebblevale clients.

    John Carter,
    Plant Manager & Closure Project Manager
      Twyford Bathrooms
    Richard Booth,
    Ceramic Technical Consultant

    Denby Group Plc*
    *Richard Booth was previous Group Operations Director of Denby Group Plc

    Ray Joynson ,
    Production Director
    Edward Duke,
    Chief Executive

      Wade-Allied Holdings Limited


    John Carter | Plant Manager & Closure Project Manager.



    "Following the announcement of the closure of our Sanitary ware Manufacturing Plant at Queenborough in Kent, I spent some time investigating into the most cost effective ways of clearing the site of its plant & equipment. I decided that the way to proceed was to employ an organisaf.ion, which could fulfil the main two main objectives of our company in closing the site.

    • To clear the whole site of machinery, fixture 8 fittings so that on completion it would be ready for demolition in the most cost effective manner possible.
    • To ensure we employed expertise that was not readily available within our organisation.

    Following discussions with numerous suppliers to find a suitable organisation, which we thought capable of delivering these objectives, we chose Pebblevale Ltd from Stoke-on-Trent. The reasons for our decision are listed.

    • The contact portfolio for potential resale of our plant and equipment was worldwide.
    • They seemed to be a small, friendly and caring company who pride themselves with excellent customer & supplier relationships.
    • They offered continuous on site support to ensure a smooth process throughout the decommissioning of the plant.
    • Although they planned to market the sale of the plant & equipment worldwide, their tactics were to be modestly priced using in house skills rather than employing high cost glitzy media tools.
    • They promised 24hour, 7day week contact throughout the entire process.
    • They presented processes for disposal of any scrap or unsold equipment, so that we could, on completion of the decommissioning, hand over the site to a prospective purchaser in a clean & tidy state.
    • They undertook to comply with the Construction (Design & Management) regulations 1994 and other regulations enacted under the Health 8 Safety practices 1974.
    • They agreed to work together with us to fully achieve our objectives in closing the site.

    During the decommissioning process, which started one month before actual cessation of
    production, the Pebblevale staff were always polite & showed a great understanding for the Twyford Bathrooms employees, were always professional in their approach and were totally committed to the task in hand. The communication process operated between Pebblevale & Twyford was very good with a clear understanding of each other’s needs.

    The whole site was totally cleared by 15th September 2003, 3 weeks ahead of schedule. The new owners are highly delighted with the condition of the site, thanks mainly to the efforts of the Pebblevale organisation.

    The final outcomes of the site closure are as follows.

    • On vacating the site on September 15 and handing over to the new owners of the land the property was completely cleared of all manufacturing equipment, fixtures and fittings.
    • All targets set for revenue generated from the sale of plant equipment and scrap were exceeded.
    • There were no major incidents and only two minor accidents during the whole decommissioning process, thus showing that Pebblevale adhered to the H & S and CDM regulations.
    • Pebblevale had the expertise & professionalism needed to fulfill the targets objectives set during the commissioning of the project.

    A very difficult project to execute for all parties concerned was completed in a very professional manner.

    John Carter.

    Plant Manager & Closure Project Manager.
    Twyford Bathrooms."


    Richard Booth | Ceramic technical Consultant
    Richard Booth



    "Prior to my retirement four years ago I had been employed for upwards of 17 years by the Denby Pottery 500vip下载官网 Ltd, as works manager, then Production Director and latterly as Group Operations Director of the Denby Group Plc. Not unnaturally, in those roles, I was ultimately responsible for the purchase of capital plant and equipment, both new and second-hand, and also for the disposal of any such equipment. I had therefore, dealt with Robert Stanley and his company, Pebblevale Ltd, on a number of occasions, particularly during the 1990s as just one of a number of companies trading in surplus plant. During that period I always found Robert to be straightforward, fair and both effective and efficient in sourcing any specific items which we might have been interested in. Items that we did purchase were invariably fit for purpose and in the condition that he had described them.

    Post 1996 Denby had acquired a small specialist bone china mug manufacturing business, Wren Giftware, which operated out of two premises in Longton and Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent. By 1998, in an increasingly difficult and competitive market, we decided that this business was no longer on-strategy, and resolved to dispose of it. After concluding a successful sale of the business to one of the major Stoke Potters we were left with the need to clear the majority of the equipment from both sites, this comprising in the main:

    • Casting slip blungers, arcs, magnets and sieves
    • Conveyor belt operated semi-automatic casting plants
    • Handle casting 500vip下载官网
    • Overhead swing tray dryers
    • Shuttle kilns
    • Vibro-energy mills
    • Decorating belts
    • Various ancillary equipment

    After arranging a “beauty parade” of suitable factory clearance specialists I eventually awarded the contract to Pebblevale, on the strength of those previous experiences. In the event they succeeded not only in disposing of the whole lot within the timescale which we had specified, but equally importantly, realizing very close to the values which they had indicated as reasonably achievable from the outset. During the whole process Robert remained in regular communication to update me on the progress.

    I have, therefore, no hesitation in recommending Pebblevale for this sort of work.

    Yours faithfully,

    Richard Booth"


    Ray Joynson | Production Director



    "In December 1999 Portmeirion Potteries Limited, acquired the manufacturing site of Biltons Tableware, including all the plant, machinery fixtures and fittings. The site was a complete tableware manufacturing unit, with all the components of a self contained factory, including clay preparation, forming, isostatic presses, decorating, dryers, kilns, and all the accessories.

    Other than a small section of the factory that we have been using ourselves for development trials, it was decided to sell off the bulk of the factory, plant and machinery within the Biltons factory. We required a company with the experience and expertise to hand1e this project for us. After interviewing severn1 companies with factory clearance experience, a clearance agreement was made with Pebblevale Ltd.

    Although we have not had to put any time scale on the clearance, there were several key items of machinery in the building, which would have been very expensive to remove and possibly scrap, if a buyer was not found. Pebblevale Limited have not only sold these and many other items on a Worldwide basis, but have handled the complete sales, removal and financial aspect, both effectively and professionally, allowing us to continue with our key business of manufacturing quality ceramic products. They have obtained for us a substantial cash return for the items sold, and we are now in a position where all the key items have been sold and removed from site.

    Pebblevale Limited have been professional in their association with Portmeirion Potteries Limited, and we would recommend them to others for similar work.

    Yours faithfully
    Portmeirion Potteries Ltd

    Ray Joynson
    Production Director "

    Edward Duke | Chief Executive, Wade-Allied Holdings Limited
    Wade-Allied Holdings Limited



    "Over the past few years we have been involved in the restructuring of the group’s ceramic activities within its manufacturing in the U. K.

    A decision was made to enlist the services of a company with the necessary expertise to handle the sale and clearance of some of these factories, namely Doulton Insulators in Tamworth, Allied Insulators in Milton and Wade Ceramics (Greenhead St) in Burslem.

    Following extensive investigations we agreed contracts with Pebblevale Limited of Stoke-on-Trent. We found this company had the necessary contacts, expertise and professionalism to successfully undertake our projects.

    The above clearances have now been completed and Pebblevale Limited have successfully cleared all the sites giving us substantial financial return for the machinery, fixtures and fittings within the factories. They handled the projects completely without any involvement from us, finalising the contacts with the buyers, depositing the monies into our account before any work was undertaken, then arranging for the removal of the goods in a clean and safe manner.

    We have no reservations recommending Pebblevale as factory clearance experts.

    Yours faithfully,

    Edward Duke
    Chief Executive
    Wade-Allied Holdings Limited"




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